Class of 2021 – West Swan Graduation

Class of 2021
The Motivation Foundation could not be prouder of our Graduating Class of 2021. This video perfectly captures the day and emotion behind what we do here at the Motivation Civil and Mining Academy. The majority of our graduates have already commenced employment within the civil and mining industry and we wish them all the very best in their future endeavors.
Thank you to our superb Training Team, Colin Hunt, Robert (Bobby) Ragg, John Hetherington and Sheridyn Cropp for their relentless commitment to the training, mentoring and success of our students. 2021 saw an immense growth in student numbers, and our team remained passionate and dedicated to every student coming through our Academy, it is commendable what they have helped each individual achieve.
Please take the time to watch our graduation video, brought to you by our talented Videographer, Taylor Edwards and his team at Taylor Edwards – Content Creator.




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