Our Story

Motivation Foundation helps youth from diverse and disengaged backgrounds. The Foundation educates the skills and behaviors of young individuals to secure jobs with our industry partners.

The Foundation evolved from the Ertech Construction Academy, which was operated and resourced by Ertech from 2008 until the establishment of the Foundation allowing partnership with a wider range of construction and resource companies across the industry.

Following certification by the ACNC in 2018 a Board of Directors was established who have developed the governance and strategy resulting in significant growth in the number of students trained and placed.

How we select our students

  • Liaison with the community, Education Department, School VET coordinators, and teachers.
  • Providing a 3-day Try-a-Trade program.
  • Selection of those with a genuine interest in the industry who would benefit by attending our academy.
  • Interviews are based on attitude and potential, grades are a minority in selection.
  • Students can demonstrate basic machine skills under supervision.

How we present our course

  • We offer Cert II in Civil Construction and Cert II in Resources (Pre-Traineeship) leading to an apprenticeship.
  • Ongoing poor behavior or lack of interest results in an exit from the program.
  • The academy operates as a worksite and as such students are required to complete drug and alcohol testing.
  • The Academy Supervisors coach students in the behaviours required to gain and retain employment.
  • All students participate in the building of up to 4 community projects per year providing expirience.

How we link students with future employers

  • Using our industry partnerships
  • Encouraging potential employers to visit the site and talk to the students.
  • Employer introduction days, where different employers bring supervisors to meet students and view them at work.

Coaching and mentoring

  • Responsibility for one’s self.
  • Management of their finances after gaining employment.
  • Assisting students to obtain their driver’s license for employment.
  • Assisting in preparing resumes and coaching on interview skills.
  • Removing barriers that may compromise employment, such as phones, transport, fines, and learner driving hours.
  • Continue mentoring and contact with students into and beyond employment.
Dr Jim Giumelli
Director / Board Chair
Gavin Miller
Jarvas Croome
Rhonda Parker
Claire Giumelli
Michael McLean
Peter Rowles
Mark Blayney
Timothy Hunter