Our Story

Motivation Foundation relieves poverty and distress in young Western Australians from diverse and disadvantaged backgrounds. We do this by educating, developing employability and linking graduates with industry partners.

Motivation Foundation evolved from the Ertech Construction Academy, which was operated and funded by Ertech from 2008 until our establishment in 2018. Transforming into an independent for-purpose foundation has allowed us to partner with a wider range of construction industry participants and stakeholders.

The Motivation Construction Academy has become Motivation Foundation’s cornerstone project.

How we select our students

  • Liaison with school VET coordinators and teachers.
  • Students that have a genuine interest in the industry and would benefit by attending our academy.
  • Highly selective interviews based on attitude and potential, not grades.
  • Students can participate in experiences onsite with our team as part of the selection process.

How we present our course

  • We deliver a Certificate II Civil construction pre-traineeship while students are still at school.
  • Ongoing poor behaviour or lack of interest results in an exit from the program.
  • We treat students as if they were workers as far as possible, including requiring drug and alcohol testing.
  • The academy’s coaching and mentoring of student behaviour is of far greater importance than the learning or technical units they undertake. In particular, we focus on:
      • safety
      • respect and leadership
      • punctuality
      • pride in appearance, equipment and work
      • responsibility for self.

How we link students with future employers

  • Using our industry contacts.
  • Helping students prepare resumes and coaching for interviews.
  • Encouraging potential employers to visit the site to see students at work.

Coaching and mentoring

  • Managing finances.
  • Assistance to achieve drivers license.
  • Behaviours for success.