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With over 150 students graduating and gaining jobs in 2022 and 2023. We have a 90% completion rate of our courses; below are the 3 general jobs you can obtain in civil construction.  Our sponsored partners make a big contribution to how students gain jobs, whether they view the students themselves or the students applying with an outstanding resume and interview with help from our mentors.

Careers Achived by Students

Civil and Mining Plant Operators

Civil plant operators are used in helping make buildings, roads and clearing debris.
Mining plant operators extract minerals such as Iron ore, uranium, and Lithium from the ground.

Roller Operator

Rollers are heavy compacting wheels used to make flat surfaces. You can get many variants of roller. It is essential to learn how to use these in civil construction as they are used to make flat areas for buildings and roads.

Grader Operator

Graders are used to fine grate the ground and are one of the more complex machines to learn. They use a scraper to flatten the surface to create a fine or rough surface for construction.

Excavator Operator

Excavators are one of the most used machines in construction, they dig out areas to supply dirt or create trenches for piping.

Railway-Bridge-Tunnel Construction

Railway tunnels are designed to run through natural or human-made land. This is so that the land is atop the tunnels for easy traveling through mountains and cities.

Pipe Laying and Draining

Pipe laying is part of the first stages of construction. Creating groundwork by laying the pipes allows for sewage disposal, drainage, or water.

Road and Bitumen surfacing.

Bitumen and road surfacing help to bind asphalt to create roads to drive on.